Belladonna; my lovely lady awaits

"BB Grögel, star of Herman de Vries' Belladonna: A Film. Consuming small quantities of belladonna dilates the pupils, resulting in large, dreamy eyes."

So I woke up relatively early today and finished my well planned out homework for today in an hour so for the reminder of the day I have been swapping between finishing up a new song or, creating new nail polish colors and attempting to write a chapter to my novel when of course I got side-tracked when a friend of mine sent a link to this old picture she found. Belladonna; not only the name for my seriously lacking main character but a deadly poison that if swallowed can result in the loss of complete voice, continual spontantious movements of hands and fingers and much dialated eyes. The myth behind Belladonna does nothing but agree with this deadly plant; it was said in the middle ages to be used in witches brew for women who would experience sexual sensations and hallucination making it easier to bend the woman to the said witches will; others have used this plant to torture confusions out of them. Belladonna means lovely lady and Atropa Bella Donna means "Do not betray a beautiful lady." Myths say that the belladonna plant is cared for deeply by the Devil himself.

Research for my book has never been more enthrallingly wonderful...


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