See Them Sweat!:

Glow bright as the moon, 
unfold your wings and fly 
like a dove in the 
moonlit sky above.
Never let them see you sweat
Smile, brush it off,
Stand up straighter, that's it kid
You'll do just fine.
If only you remember this:
In this world, morals don't matter.
But always keep your mama's chasten's close to your eardrums.
In this world, we fight for paper.
Never forget, 
That it doesn't matter as much as they want us to believe it does.
In this world, your friend will betray you, blink twice and then ask how your day went.
Harsh words and a split lip
Listen to your father, stand up for what you have faith in.
Take heart in that Sunday preachers talk
Raise your hand over your chest, when that anthem starts.
Raise your hand sharp, 
tilt your head up,
Show those soldiers some respect!
They died for your freedom of speech

And never, never let them see you sweat.


  1. Dear Anna,

    Honesty, I love your quirky style of poetry! I've become a follower of your blog and I think that your poetry is very very good. It has a sincerity in it that is often neglected in most 21st century poetry. Thanks for valuing my opinion and for being a fellow coffee and beach lover!


  2. I thank you for you honest opinion, it means a lot. I am a fan of straight forward and terse opinions and that is what you gave me. I am so glad you have become a follower of mine. I have written so many poems of mine at the beach, the bottom edges of my leather journal soaked and waterlogged from accidentally dipping it in the water when I went to retrieve a sand dollar.

  3. Although I don’t understand every sentence, I like your poem and it evokes a strong feeling. I have never been great at poetry myself, but I always like to see others do or try it. I would only wish you would use the same originality and creativity in your comments. You clearly have writing skills, so copy-pasting text when you visit other blogs makes me feel like you don’t care about what you are writing, and only care about other people visiting your blog. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to want to have others do that, but showing genuine interest by for example commenting on the content of what somebody wrote in a post is just another way to express yourself and your personality. I don’t want to offend you in any way, this is just on my mind and as you asked for feedback I felt the need to say this.



    1. Thank you, really I was actually seriously debating this myself. I saw somebody copy-pasting stuff like I was and I thought, 'oh that's a cool way to let other people know what your blog is by just giving them a quick review of it' But then I realized, what it would look like to the blogger.

    2. Well I guess not everybody takes it the same way, just wanted to highlight it (not to be mean in any way), so thanks for explaining; it helps me understand. But apart from all that, I do like your poetry :)

    3. No really, thank you, I haven't been doing that anymore, because if you took it that way, most likely everybody takes it that way. I'm glad you like my poetry! XD

  4. "In this world, we fight for paper.
    Never forget,
    That it doesn't matter as much as they want us to believe it does."

    wow. thank you for that.

    1. I could never understand why people are so incredibly stressed over money. Like parents who struggle to make their mortgage, or a child who worries the same shoes to school everyday to school until they have holes in the soles of them. Do you honestly think they have a horrible life because of it? Most likely that child when he/she comes home from school at night his parents are there sitting down at the table, or they are there reading a good-night book to him/her. I know I will have to work everyday of my life to survive and I'm okay with that, that doesn't mean I would betray a friend just to get a bonus or promotion at work. Because really if you think about it just because a person has more money than you doesn't mean they don't bleed just like you, they feel just like you, etc, etc.
      I think the whole idea that to live in this world you have to have a lot of money, is stupid.

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  6. just found your blog! i love it so far. looking forward to reading more.

  7. Once again grea work Anna. I love coming to your page. You do some very beautiful work. Very inspiring.

    1. Aw thank you SO much. Every time I read these comments I feel so humbled and confidant. I am glad you like my blog enough to keep coming back to it.

  8. Hey Anna,
    Thanks for your sweet and thoughtful comment on my blog. I absolutely love your poetry. Just wanted to let you know!

    1. Thank you!!! I am so glad that you enjoy it. I love feedback!


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