My Lips:

I was searching that day, the day that you found me. 
I was floating, 
in between reality and a fantasy playground. 
I was running, 
running as far as I could go
from the troubles that haunt me presently. 
I didn't want to be found; yet you found me 
and just like that my delusion shattered. 
I could feel the pull of sorrow floating, 
The push, tug pull of a rip current.
Of a wave's barrel as it drags you under its blissful wing.
Seeping, sinking into everything that I have become. 
Do you remember that day?
I have never been the same because of it; you should remember.
It would be cruel not to.
So remember,
Please, darling, oh please just remember my lips.


  1. Hi anna, this is very beautiful and sad at the same time. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I will definitely be checking yours regularly now and look forward to the a-z challenge in April. Keep writing, you have talent, take care.

    Bob (Average Poet)

  2. Thank you so much. Saying that you think I have talent makes my entire year.

  3. you are a wonderful writer! i enjoy playing around with writing and i post alot of it on my blog, but i'm not near as good as you are!

    new kid on the block, here to stay.


    1. Thank you for stopping by and saying such incredibly nice words. I so glad you like my poetry! I'm going to stop by your blog now.


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