Adoration - II:

The crisp paper seemed
To wrinkle, ripple,
And dry out as the
Light tinting of where the
Brandy had spilled soaked through
The ink smeared page

My hand hovered, on sight
My quill dripping
Circles of expanding ink
Onto the page
I blinked, perhaps more than I realized

My eyes leaked, salty tears
As I look toward his sleeping
Silhouetted form
Content, breathing calmly
By the ablaze hearth

The only words still lingered
Like the sweet, blister of
Belladonna’s poison
I resigned, folded the paper
Carefully and threw it to the flames
Allowing all hope to fade

I had sold my soul long ago
Prompted by the sting of betrayal
Immortality wanes ever so deeply
He should not have to do the same
Not for the likes of me.


  1. you know i really do like this poem here but i feel like its two separate ideas. althow it dose put a very comforting image in my mind, i do love it.

  2. Anna, I am really touched by this poetry of yours. It's simply touching, sensual and beautiful. It is so easy to say "Hold your head high and move ahead" but the scars that betrayals leave never fade. Keep writing.




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