Poet of The Afghan War:

Bad Dreams
When you send a lad away
To a foreign hot land
To fight in a war he doesn’t understand
When he comes back
He brings more than just a tan

He’s probably not ok
He’s probably not all right
He’s probably in a dark place
Whether it’s day or night

Governments and Media
With their pack of lies
Will never tell the truth
But try to convince you otherwise

It feels like my eyes
Have been stretched wide open
Now and then
I have trouble coping

Images of memories
Imprinted on my mind
The boy they knew before
Is what they’ll never find
Alex Cockers,

Last Stand
My last day in the desert
My last day in this sand
I hope I never come back
To this tragic barren land

Many hot days
And many moons have passed
I don’t want to fight this war anymore
My sanity won’t last

Towns have been taken
Towns have been lost
Towns have been taken back again
How many lives has it cost?

This war will not end
The stakes are far too high
A few friends are gone already
How many more will die?
Alex Cockers,
Note of Interest*: Oh dear! It came to my notice that I have given credit to the wrong person, or rather I misspelled Alex Cockers name. My mistake has been fixed.


  1. Hi! Could you please tell me which nationality does he belong to and has he written all his poems based on Afghanistan? It'd be of great help if you could let me know at the earliest so that I could proceed my research on it...


  2. http://www.warpoetry.co.uk/Afghanistan_War_Poetry.html
    This link will take you to the page in which I found Alex Cockers poetry among other war poetry. It gives a short bio of him, when he was born, why he started writing poems, etc.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Thank you so much Annaaa...:) I too found his poems there and the same details found there. We've been asked to pick our authors from Saarc country writers. Hence, I'd like to confirm the information if he's an Afghan or has he written them from Afghan's point of you... Could you pls help if possible...

  4. I tried to Goggle him, but I only found him on that site. I am not sure because as I mentioned I do not know anything about him, other than what information is given from the website.

    1. Hello! I just read the thread, I'm actually British and all of the poems on that particular website were written whilst I was in Afghanistan. They were not written in 2010, they were written in 2007/08, however, I only decided to put them up after a friend found them on my computer and told me about the website in 2010. If you would like futher information, you're more than welcome to contact me at alexcockers@hotmail.co.uk

  5. I was forced to switch authors as I had no proof or confirmation to pin him with his nationality. Thank you loads... Have a Fabulous year ahead :-)

  6. Oh...Well sorry I couldn't be of more help. Hope it worked out anyway, and thank you I am hoping for a good year. Full of publishers calling on my poetry. Have a good year ahead!


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