Black Ice:

The snow falls in such a way
That I feel it so far down in me
Like it clings to my organs instead of the road
Sheets of black ice covered in white
A wrong step and down you go
Your head cracks against the ground
Heated skin melting through fresh powder
Snow flakes like white lights fall in your eyes
You smile
Even as you lie in pain the snow is such a sight to see
Beautiful in a way that makes your heart speed
Endorphins are released into your bloodstream
You stand and laugh
Stick out you tongue and twirl
Because for a second you are five years old again
Daddy's little girl
Mama's little doll
Grandpa's shining star
You are wrapped in green velvet, skipping down the street
It's once again Christmas Day 1999
Your grandfather's alive and he kisses your cheek
Picking your little body up you'll receive a faux fur coat for christmas this year.
You'll lose it two years later when you move away
Your head throbs and you realize
You've been asleep on the side of the road
Tears slide down your cheeks
You stand up and walk home.
Suddenly the snow doesn't seem beautiful anymore
It seems cruel.
Yet tomorrow you will stand outside for hours and breath deeply
You will think the snow is tranquil
You will degrade yourself for being so hostile
You will never fall on black ice again.
Your conclusion will be: snow is tranquil
Memories are cruel.


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