A Suffragettes' Torment:

Your eyes are grey like the morning of a thunderstorm
Your voice as smooth as German marbles
Your face just as hard as the rocks beneath our feet
You never really truly smile, but when you're at ease you shine like lightening.
You remind me what its like to live greatly
And I promise you, your worth the risk of heart break

When you yell my heart races pleasantly
I yell back and the tenets beneath us cringe.
You always look the way you did when I first saw you,
Always just as damaged as me
You always have a scowl as if I constantly displease you
Then your fingers rip through your hair and your hand reaches slowly out to me

The back of your calloused hands skim over my cheekbones
I forget how later my heart will ache.
Being with you is as unbearably difficult as a suffragettes' torment.
You lean in and give me such a placid kiss that, under your strong arms I crumble
Mumble of peaceful dreams and fall into you.

You tell me you love me your eyes the deepest sort of intensity I've ever seen
I am cruel to be with you, we hurt each other so
But when we love, it becomes clear
We could never live a mere moment without each other.


  1. I really like your poems. I especially love the title of this one. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you! You really have no idea what it means to me to read comments about my poems, whether it be bad or good reviews I absolutely live for them. Hearing you say you like them made my entire month! Sometimes it hard to keep going, to keep entering contests and becoming semi-finalist, knowing that your okay but not good enough. To hear comments like this it inspires me to keep writing.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry about the technical difficulties(above).
      This is beautiful. It sounds all too familiar.
      Please read some of what I am writing on my amateurish blog: crowlanguage.blogspot.com

      Thank you for writing,

  4. Defiantly! I am always up for poetry!!! Thanks for following me


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