'Tweet tweet sing the birdies'
My grandma use to say
Blue jay and red robins feed 
From seeds in handcrafted bird houses my dad made
God blessed his hands he always would say
Days spent dressing my grandpa's thin hair
Shared breakfast on Sundays
Hot dogs and eggs
Tuna fish sandwiches cut in half
Nachos and ball park franks at Anaheim stadium
Walks around el dorado's duck pond
Drives down to mothers beach
Knott's Berry Farm in the summer time
Session passes to Disneyland
Where I spent every Friday night
Clam chowder in sourdough bread bowls
Chocolate dipped ice cream cones
Grand opening of California Adventure, I was there
A Build-a-bear at Christmas time
Tortilla factory gave free samples
A bug's life almost made my mom pee herself 
Sharon's doing I'm sure.
Which reminds me, note to self:
Do not ride a Ferris Wheel with Aunt Sharon again
She rocks the boat
Bulsachika on Saturdays 
Where I got stuck washing out wetsuits
Palm Springs the week of Memorial day 
The pool that dyed my hair green
Where my grandpa taught me to swim
Where my father cannon balled me into the deep end
I was a grown up when I could play cards in the cochella room
The cliff house on the last Saturday night
Painful memories I'll never forget.
Why do childhoods go by so fast?
And whose to eat my egg whites now?


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