Sands of Indian Wells:

Blue haze of the salt water,
jubilant birthday cheers muffled
I plunge deeper, eyes on fire,
lungs beg for air,
I push up forward
rays of fading sunlight blind me
a brother is baiting a sister,
a mother looks to the father,
who looks on fondly
his father celebrates his eightieth birthday
It’s all I can do to keep from bawling
I sink underwater
and like a weight sit at the pools bottom
until my lungs ache, then scream
until I convulsively push upward
breaking the surface cleanly
gasping in air like its a heroin addicts next fix
I plunge back under and sink to the bottom
It’s all I can do to keep from bawling


  1. Stopping by for a visit.
    I really love this.

    1. Thanks, I wrote this while on vacation in Palm Springs. I've been going to Sands all my life, learnt how to swim in their pool and now they are being placed on the chopping block. Last past year would be the last time I'll ever be there.


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