Invocation of a Goddess:

Sing goddess the wrath of Achilles,
whose swift feet carried the Myrmidons across the Aegean.
Sing goddess the tale of Hector,
breaker of horses, whose glory of Troy still pulses today.
Sing goddess the song of doltish Paris,
whose arrow killed Greece’s greatest warrior.
Sing of Briseis who tamed a soldier’s heart
And brought peace to his lifetime of war.
Sing goddess that of witty Odysseus,
whose said to have lived in the time of great Achilles
And of the ruler of Kings, Agamemnon
whose brother Menelaus brought forth the Trojan War.
Sing goddess, forever the songs of fallen heroes
Of Swift Achilles, and Ithaca’s’ wily King
Of Poseidon’s tribute which brought down the gates of Troy
Of Helen, child born of a swan and god,
Sing of Patroclus who fell at Hector’s blade
Sing forever of their glory, lest they be forgotten
God help us all, against the wrath of Achilles.


  1. I enjoy the incantational quality of this piece. (I can hear a certain rhythm of voice and drum as I read it.)

    Speaking as an avowed hellenophile...thank you for your words. :)

    1. I am taking an Ancient Greek and Roman class this year and we just finished up the Iliad. Needless to say; I was inspired.


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