Aches Of A Shattered Heart:

Tears slide

Like rain drops

Across my skin

Down my chin

Over my lips

Then starts again

I smile

Hide the pain

Think of jumping in the water

Never coming up again

My voice stutters

Falters, cracks in two

My fingers shake

I cry again

I can't think

Memories cut like glass

Like metal blades across my wrists

I try again

I say what they want

Be what they expect

Sit up straight

Push myself until I break again


  1. Really? You honestly think so, cause I have all these poems typed out; but no one's ever told me whether they're any good or not. It means a lot to hear that someone likes them. Thank You.

  2. I love it, such a sadness expressed word of defeat and submission beautifully written

  3. Thank you I appreciate the feed back, it means a lot that you like it.


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