Waiting On The World To Change:

Red and orange

Like dessert forest fires

Black and blue

Like a woman's swollen cheek bones

Green and gray

Like montauk highways expansion gaps

Light a lucky strike

Take a drag

Accelerate fast, get a few feet

Slam on the breaks

Avoid a Porsche's red tail light's

waiting for the drawbridge to close

Feel the air soft on your face

it caress's you cheek, dangerously

Waiting for the world to change

Pink and purple

A child's twice repainted bedroom

Brown and yellow

Like bone dry Arizona ground

Tumble weeds fly

Violet and burgundy

A father's nightly wine

Drink up, live while you can

Come tomorrow work starts again

Bruised muscles, aching bones

Working class people, trying to just pay bills

When did the world change?


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