An Epiphany.

I think sometimes
That this has all just been a nightmare
A terror I will wake in a cold sweat from
I think somehow that this has just been a big test
One that will end as soon as I pass
I feel like I've been at it for days
That I should know the answers by now
However every time the numbers change
The letters don't spell out words
The words don't form sentences
I wonder if this test is written in Arabic
I wonder if this is just a joke
I tell myself all is fine
I wonder when i first fell asleep
Tell myself a single pinch will wake me
Then I realize this is not a dream but reality
And I am sure then that I have finally hit rock button
Then I fall again
And I realize that there is no bottom to life
I take a long swing from a silver flash and nothing comes out
I know suddenly that only bottles have a bottom
I called this high an epiphany.


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