Raven Hair:

Pretty girl

With raven hair

Her tiny hands

Make me feel

A little less broken inside

She has the fairest skin

I've ever seen

She twirls around

In her mothers heels

She has red lipstick smeared everywhere but her on lips

And it makes me smile

Because when she laughs

I swear I feel the sunshine

Break through the overcast

And warm my face

She has eyes as smooth as molasses

The color rich like dirt

They sparkle as her long curls

Bounce with every step she takes

Standing on top

Of her fathers feet

He dances with his daughter

The way he looks down at her

Makes my heart ache

Her smile turns to a grin

When he twirls and spins her back to him

Her laugh resounds, like Santa’s Christmas bells

We lock eyes and she blinks at me

All I can think of is:

I remember when…

I danced with my father

My smile matching hers

My life primed to perfection

My demons nowhere to be seen

Yes I remember when

And then just like that, it was gone.


  1. I like this poem. I love the sentence "My demons nowhere to be seen."


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