Livelihood | As Applied by an iPhone

1. Nightly reading selection.
2. Scramble play; your not playing right if you don't switch languages occasionally.
3. I make a sexy stache lady. Perhaps I shall run away and join a traveling circus.
4. Palm Springs! Why oh why do I have to leave you?
5. Lesson 1: Do not wear bed slippers when you go muddin'. Lesson 2: When your brother tells you the crawl through a pit, do not slow your car to a stop. Keep the momentum or you will be calling you Dad at 1:00 am to come pull your loop-sided car out.
6. Budferd is not fond of neighboring cats. They invade his territory.
7. Full moon = Teen Wolf marathon.
8. Why is it that I always seem to wake up to this?
9. Make a wish,
hold it tight,
let your dreams fly.
Get down tonight.


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