What have you learned?

I learned to forgive.
to let the bitterness of other people glide right over me
to sing for a crowd of beach goers even if they boo
to drink only when I'm happy
to pull off to the side of a highway just to get a perfect picture
to understand that my scars will never heal
to smile because they've made exactly what I am;
I learned that people are unjustifiably mean
that we may live under the first amendment but that people should know, not to protest a mothers child's funeral
Because its inhumane. Because its wrong. Because he died fighting for you.

I learned to live and let live.
to write because its not a pay check but a way of life
to apologize when I'm wrong 
to be okay with losing a friend when they don't accept your apology
to live surrounded by music and classical poetry
to keep hydrangea's in my bedroom because they remind me of Long Island
to live for small moments of sheer happiness and peace
And that the hardest thing a person can do is forgive.

What have you learned?


  1. Did you write this? It is so beautiful I really enjoyed reading. So much truth xo

  2. I did write this I am so glad that you enjoyed it enough to stop by and leave a comment.

  3. wow that was amazing, it really me think what have i learned? I loved it =)


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