Hey bloggers,
I am bored right now and can't get to sleep so like always I am writing. I have a fanfiction page if you want to check it out. My doggie is being so annoying right now, taking up my whole bed. *shakes her head*

So yesterday I kind poured out my soul to you so today I think I will do the same. I am currently listening to 'History In The Making' by Darius Rucker. I love his music it's amazing. Anyway I was thinking about my trip back to New York and I am so very, very excited about it. I literally am counting down the days. :))))

I have also just gotten the next two books in The House Of Night series. Hunted and Tempted. I am excited to read them but I have so many things going on I don't know whether I will get to it until like next week. Which totally sucks, stupid homework, stupid CHASEE! I took the practice test and didn't know anything on the math proportion. So of course I have been stressing out so much around here. I take it tuesday and wensday of this week and am so not ready for it. I hope I pass it. *crosses fingers*

WISH ME LUCK! I will need it.



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