A thousand words for you my dear.

Alright here is some new poems, you guys are lucky I haven't even put them up on Polyvore yet. :)

This World In Which We Live:
I traded one for another
A new life where I didn't bother
Punishment for sins I cannot remember
Forgotten souls trapped in time
And senses I have yet to recover

Has my life turned again?
Just a reminder that it has yet to really begin
Words and numbers that don't matter
flattened trees that can no longer provide a necessity
This is what our world has come to

So look around my brothers
Would your grandfathers still be proud?
Of a world in which has been called foul
Hate and greed as once again torn us apart
Just look at where it has left us now

We have sold out our souls to the highest bider,
Such hard word lost in misdemeanors

You take pride in climbing that corporate ladder
Sir, tell me something, your daughter?
When was the last time she was all that mattered
Have you had enough, took your satisfaction?
Hell on earth, such a steep price to pay

Surely; death row would have been more fitting
Don't you think.
Serial killers only get to ten,
You are responsible for millions.

So welcome,
To the life you have created for us to live
I hope it meet your unrequited needs.

A Soul In Which We Try To Keep:
Is it hard to conceive?
The pain and danger in which we seek
A far leap it may seem
"No one like me." We would say

How deceiving it has become
Do are natures truly shine as one?

How I miss the moments, simple, sweet moments,
I am beginning to think no one can get back
Such tragedies across the bane
Funny how my demons no longer are make believe.

My Sweet, My Love, My Pain, My Dear:
Can you see her eyes my sweet?
Such pain lys behind the lies she's forced into tell
Did you sleep well my love?
Find comfort in the hell we dwell

Sadness behind a smile in which was portrayed as lovely
Rocky roads, and stones hurt more than words my dearest
Lovely to see this doesn't effect you either
No one ever sees
No one can ever be me

Because what do you do when these lies get too easy to tell
Slip off your tongue, how much damage it will have done.

A heart, a soul, lost in the wake
All I wish is to somehow escape
A lifeless body in which we dwell
My brother told me never to tell

My life is made up of all,
One on top of the other
How I wonder when they'll all fall,
flat on you face, I know it all too well.

A broken heart in which we dwell
A lost soul now filled with hate
Can you help me out of this hell?

Such darkness it does consume
My waking dreams too good to keep
Thrown away or left in ruins,
Take your pick, my dear because sometimes you can't win

A love, a hate, a brother, a soul.
words no longer hold meaning down here
Consume you all,
It leaves you broken.

You Are No Longer An Issue:
I think it's funny how you pray to a god you don't believe in
Say things you don't mean
And how anger changes you into the monster from my dreams

How your bipolar attitude in-defiantly tore us apart
A bridge that will never repair itself
How my nightmares are now reality
And our relationship lys in the hands of ruin

You are everything I strive to overcome
An involuntary reaction to everything I hate above
A doctor, a poet, a love, a friend are something to become
You my sweet, are none of thee above

Alright so I know I used the term 'In which we dwell' a lot but it is a really good phrase don't you think. In other news I haven't been able to read anything lately because I have had homework... alright so everyone knows I wait to the last moment to do homework and spend the rest of my time watching Charmed or The Vampire Diaries, but in my defense I find it very hard not to watch those shows, they are... really addictive, like Bones or Angel or One Life to Live for my mom. I always liked General Hospital, Maxi is so cute, and James Franco was on there. He was that dark artist, not to mention All-American Rejects played on there twice! And then there is The Cosby Show that comes on at two am every morning and Full house after that, we're at the part where Jessie and Becky almost marry if you bloggers out there are fans. And The Cosby Show is at the point where Denise drops out of College and Theo forgets to pay for a dorm. I love Denise and Theo is so funny.

Anyway so I haven't had time to read lately as you can see or post many blogs but I would like to welcome my new follower and say thanks to all of the... well one person who left me some comments, you have no idea how happy they made me. :) Alright so on to my books, my collection this week is Betraying Season, Evernight, Immortal, Wintergirls, Hunted, Boys That Bite, The Silver Kiss, Vampire Diaries book two, and Escape From Memory. I have read only one, The Silver Kiss and it was okay, not great because the boy dies at the end but it was good I was very pleased with it.

Now out of reality and onto my life, which frankly pales in comparison as usual. There are some exciting things coming up, tomorrow for instance I am going to turn in my homework at eight in the morning than at six p.m. I go to a meeting for the Middle College Program which I am kind of scared of, I mean what if I can't do College work, I am barely able to do Independent Studies work... okay that's not true I can do it fine, I just procrastinate and wait to the last minute. I don't know... Oh another thing is I am going to be learning how to drive pretty soon. :) I think about it and I am like w o w... you know because you dream about what it is going to be like and then when the time finally gets here all you can think is... w o w. It's exciting and terrifying at the same time and I am both ready and not at the same time.

Now on to my FanFiction.com problem, well it isn't really a problem, only a slight problem really. I need to dedicate about a week or so into cleaning up my writings, because about all of my stories on there are horribly, horribly written. I was going over some of them and I was ashamed and ecstatic, ashamed because it took me so long to realize it and ecstatic because of how better I am now with my writings. So yeah, I am thinking of doing it over vacation to New York but I am not really sure whether my Aunt Sharon is going to give me the time to do it, apparently I am going to be busy, busy, busy. Which believe me I am not objecting to, I am slightly afraid because I do like my solitude... a lot but I am happy to be busy, busy, busy for once. Seeing Connecticut is going to be amazing, there is so much history packed in there and I can't wait to learn all about it.

Alright bloggers I have got to go now, I have an essay on Prudence Crandall to do, which by the way is my great, great, great... great aunt. I am not really sure about the greats in that sentence but you get to picture.


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