Details, details, details.

Alright, well to start off welcome to the five people who actually take time to read this blog. It means a lot, anyway enough with that I was on myspace and I was extremely bored so I figured. Why not write a new post. How many of you are extremely excited? I thought you would be, just saying.

So you guys are probably wondering why I have a picture of Nick from The Rocket To The Moon, well it's because I absolutely love their music, totally wicked. The beats are amazing and make me want to sing along. : ) So I put this oh so lovely picture of the lead singer up because it is currently what I have on repeat right now. I do wish I was watching The Blind Side but unfortunately I do not have flash-drive to upload it onto my grandmothers computer from my brother laptop, so... I am trying to do something with all this time I seem to have accumulated in the oh...last hour. Funny how today I have been on go, go, go and now that I have nothing to do I find I want to scream no, no, no.

Lets see what else can I you darling bloggers, well for starters I made cookies a while back, and now they are almost all gone. : ( Guess I should take it as a wicked compliment. Haha, anyway I made regular chocolate chip cookies, the oatmeal raisin cinnamon, and finally chocolate chip oatmeal raisin cookies. Those seemed to be a big hit, it just accrued o me right now, literally, how much I love baking. Huh.

So as you know Easter is coming up, however this year might not be a very good Easter, it's been complicated. Enough said. My parents came down with my Brother! Man I swear I am lucky to see that man every four months or so, my grandma calls him the 'Mountain Man,' fitting. My doggie of course came along with them and he is currently seated at the foot of my bed, or really the guest bed in m grandma's house but you know I am here so much it has just been adopted as my room. ; ) Well I guess that is about it, I have decided to extend my stay here in Long Beach simply because I am no where near close to leave, for the first time my home seems...uninviting. I want to be here, they need me and to leave...well I don't think I could get in a car and drive home knowing that they are here, it's heart-wrenching really.

In my concluding thoughts, have a great Easter everyone, I truly hope you will have one! Smile lots, hug everyone and tell them you love them as much as possible, trust me it's the most important thing you will ever do in your life. He is risen.


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