o r i g i n a l s:

Is This A Test Of Strength:
Is this a test of strength?
If so I cannot win
Mental complicity escapes me
I am not like you
If you leave, how will I live?
You never knew, but I loved you more than anything on this earth
Actions speak louder than words ever could
Come back; I'll you everything you ever wanted to know
Things left unsaid, haunt even the brightest of souls to the end
Could you give me a day?
I would utilize it to the very end
Seconds tick by as you slip through my finger tips
I took for grated years, so many years I could have reacted
I want a do-over, time outs exists do they not?
Pointless meetings and corporate pets, there was never anyone else
Where can I go, my heart lys here.
Who could I follow, you were all I ever wanted
How can I tell you, I wonder did you see?
How do I live without you?
I never had to before
You are my everything, change seemed happen around us.
A bubble, tiny and fragile, I feel our walls slipping
So heavy the weight weighs on my shoulder blades
How do I continue?
This test is one I cannot pass.
Let me in on the secret, I will not tell
A blind faith I choose to follow
Somehow you strength lifts my soul
This test, how cruel you can be
A hiden meaning, just give me a clue
I need help too.
Don't you understand, I don't want to let go
Everything will never be the same change is consistant
I wish the world would slip away and leave me alone
Sometimes I wonder if I am fading too.

We Are Souls Within Bodies:

I use to believe I was beautiful
I would look in the mirror and smile
A reflection of what truly was
Escaped the reality I lived in
Consumed by a lovely act
I preformed for spite
Something you can never get back
An innocence lost through space
Hate and love, always lines so close to touch
Evil that renders all hope dismiss
A failing lung you wish to recover
A lost care-taker you never saw coming
The ones who make you stronger; kill you in the end
An everything that leaves you behind
The world, so cold it hurts to love
The post war we thought was over and done
Something you never thought was tangible becomes one
With a constant stream of pain and sorrow when does it end?
Spinning on access can you ever win?
Can you answer questions I seek to recover?
A suffrage no man could possibly handle
Your soul, so strong kept me holding on
Your eyes, so deep I lost my mind in countless times
So thin, so frail it must hurt to continue on
Your power, your body a love I could never fathom
We are souls within bodies
A mental hold, and a lost wonderer
We inhabit an earth for a little while
Lost throughout space we will return
To a palace of bright lights, love is always what we seek
You fight for a world so bleak, your smile is all I wish to cradle
It brightens up my days, can you see it on my face?
You are one of the best, my everything my dear
I am not ready yet, I didn’t prepare
Do not leave me here.
I couldn’t stand to be alone again.

O r i g i n a l s.


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