doctor who?

doctor who, doctor who, doctor who.
doctor who, doctor who, doctor who, doctor who.
Lovely, lovely, lovely. I am positively buzzing with excitement after watching this show. DOCTOR WHO. I cannot wait until next saturday, I have spent half of my day in the library the other half in Borders bookstore, my uncle was oh so lovely to take me their to pick out some books. I spent one hour and thirty some minutes, estimating here, reading subtitles, committing front covers to memory, reading and re-reading summaries from varies books and walked out of the store with empty hands and my money screaming at me 'Idiot, fool, I am tired of being folded up in here, let me go.' Yes I do in fact give objects voices and brains. I am quite sure that I am positively mad, and I do mean that in the literal sense. Anyway I have no new books, simply used books that I had purchased earlier that day from the library sale shelf; wondrous things libraries are. Though do no misinterpret my words I love all books and used books are my absolute favorite, who in there right mind buys new books? Who now-a-days still has a right mind?

I have made up my mind to instead of buying books from Borders because lets be honest here, their prices at astronomically outrageous, now way would I ever spend twenty dollars on one single book, actually I lied I have and I would and will most likely in the future spend far much more money on a book. My dad says that books and movies are a waste of money, that my friends is rubbish, that my friend is also spoken by a man who got into UCLA on a full golf scholarship. Now once again do not misinterpret my words, I am very proud that both my father and uncle have been to UCLA, both on scholarships I am not proud of the fact that my dad did not utilize the gift he was given to his full potential. Many people, in fact all people pass by my dad and probably think something along the lines of 'Wow' or 'Oh my god'. He is heavy, I guess you could say. But many people, all people do not look below the surface, all people like to read the cover of a book and skip it's summary. My father is a talented man who was given a gift, many in fact, I don't normally speak of my father on my blog I rarely ever speak of my family in fact and I have noticed that lately, he is smart, very, he doesn't realize it I am not sure if anybody sees just how incredibly smart he is. He can do things with a computer that people all over the spend thousands of dollars on, he once ran into a large plate glass sliding window and then the very next day went on to win a golf tournament, he has this...this enormous heart that people don't see, he is the most humble person I have ever met besides my grandpa and would give the shirt off his back to any man. He is strong, so unbelievably strong, no one sees it but it's there beneath the surface it's there, always there.

Anyway I realize that I have gotten off topic... again. My mind tends to wonder, a lot so lets get back to where I was...books. Borders. Amazon, right. I have decided to buy books off of instead of Borders because well I am not rich and I want many books instead of one. So I go with the logical option for a million Reges, final answer. I only watched Who Wants To Be A Millionaire when Reges was on it. On other less important and slightly out-of-the-blue-news, did you know Chelsea Lately has a book, two actually. I like her show, actually to be far I like all funny things and Chelsea Lately is funny therefore by default I will like her show. Just kidding, her show is really good you should watch it, also you should defiantly watch Doctor Who, amazingly outrageous! And if you are conflicted because they are on at the same time, not to worry Chelsea isn't all that important. Again just kidding but honestly Doctor Who is better. Personal Opinion.


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