A Folded Flag:

Release the words
Set them free
they boil inside me
I sometimes fear that acid
not blood has rotted my veins

I cannot breathe
my lungs feel, always ablaze
scorched by fierce love
ever tired of crying a need, that stretches so deep
that it weighs until I'm asleep

Anger so gnawed
it distorts my thoughts
thwarts my relationship with God
he's lost, been stolen,
here one day then gone another

Twenty-one guns salute
Where a Marine is laid to rest
under marble stone lays,
a hero who fought on Peleliu
and a thirteen times folded flag is handed to his wife


  1. I love reading your posts! I also have awarded you a blog award! follow my link for details. http://angiesangelsrkids-furkids.blogspot.com/2012/03/award.html

    1. Really?!!! A blog award for me, I am honored. You just put a huge grin on my face, and here I was simply overjoyed that you like my poems. Heading over there now.


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