What loss is greater gain than nothing
left to lose the right to win
playing the game the child once did
in you fearing no consequence
and shackle-shame not on your wrists

unbound by loose ignominy
we'd play by still-unwritten books
living gallantly among crooks
we'd love them tender like them sweet
our junkie pirates off the hook

if gain were loss and loss were gain
the ending then for sure outweighs
the menace-thought of hell-embrace -
a game is worth more than its marbles;
running, not the runner, wins the race

Written in partnership, by Anna and magnaliberatio,
California / Vienna ( Austria ),


  1. Wow an excellent collaboration, I like the last verse best but the whole thing is great.

    1. Thanks, magnaliberatio wrote the last verse. I am glad you liked it.

  2. Don't forget the A to Z Challenge kicks off tomorrow! Looking forward to your posts.


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