Inspired by an old life.

I Found A Sister In Faith:
Out of anyone I have become close to, you have disappointed me the most.
I gave you a part of my heart, though broken you loved it like new.
Everyone sees the shell of what we are as humans, few have the courage to dig deeper.
Fewer accept what they find.
You have hurt me in ways I cannot fathom, broken peices scattered through time.
Memories that allow sly smiles to grace my sullen face.
You are what I had strived to become, a different person from who I truly was.
A sister I never had, a best friend I lost throughout my life.
Will our roads one day intertwin?
You are a fond memory that will never be forgotten, a sister that will live on for eternity
One of a kind, special throughout this grand design;
My faith, a part of my life, somehow your departure left lost. 

Enternally At Rest:
Out of every memory I have forgotten, yours remains the same.
A whisper through a parks swing, memories that rip through me with a pain I never could have fathomed.
Horribly selfish sins I have committed you found a way to look past.
If you knew of me now would you turn up your nose a laugh?
I am no longer a body with a soul, but a lost soul within an uncommon resting place.
Something tells me your final resting place will live on in infaniy, could I be so lucky as to join in?
Your presence no longer disturbs me because it was you who taught me to fight.
A light that never reachs the end because it is within your soul.
We will remember the little people because they matter as much as our heroines do.
My revolving life has come to rest, no longer spinning on access I can rest.
With your thoughts I will live in infany.

Memories I Cannot Recall:
You are the reason I look toward my widow at night.
You are the person that left me behind, a glamorous life I was never apart of.
Something to remember yet down the road forget
a lost soul clinging to the vacant shadows.
our light at the end of the tunnals exsist in knowing our lives are over.
That spark we feel down to our toes, a memory we shove into a dark corner.
Sins dragged forth on guilt and sorrow;
a lost friend who never forgives.
and the painful reminder of where we have been.

Simple moments:
a soft melody; painting a message from the eyes of the beholder.
Artists trapped within a moment of raw tranquility.
Piano cords struck from memories once pushed aside.
crashing waves and the pounding sound of hard rain falling onto your face.
Human emotions we seem to think make us weak.
A voice like an angel songing softly l, a mother and daughter bonding together.
How could I wish for something better.

o r i g a n l s.


  1. Very Interesting poetry. You are a beautiful young lady


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