Something about our modern technology.

Alright well hey my fellow bloggers, firstly let me start off by explaining a lite about my title for this blog today. To put it bluntly I have a new I pod one that is truly a marvolous work of technology. Yes I am quite quite aware that I pod touches aren't all that new but you know what I don't care. My brother, quite possibly the most amazingly spectacular person alive, has given me one as a brithday gift/Easter/Christmas present. There is an irony to the whole predicument that is really actually sad. I had, last year for christmas planned on putting my money together to buy my brother an iPod, a cheap like forty eBay one, needless to say the money (sigh) didn't come. You have to realize that I am not a normal person and it is extermely hard to take a gift from somebody without giving them something in return. Call me crazy but it has been a...default I guess you could say about me for all my life. One that I have to constantly remind myself is foolish. My parents tell me it is an insult to the person giving me the gift to not receive it on a good grace. But what they don't understand is that to receive a gift from someone whom I love and not give them anything in return twists my stomach in two, what hurts worse is that you have nothing to give them even though you want to. Anyway so Enough with my mini manerisms, because trust me I have many of them, enough to compete with monk.

I am in fact using this wonderously whimsical device right now to write this informative blog. It is absolutely o u t s t a n d i n g! It is these little things that show you how much love truly does outshine everything else. Not that my family has to buy me two hundred dollar devices to show me that they care for me, no I would probably hyprovenilate just by the thought. I am just saying that even when you feel as if your whole life is crashing down around you, you get this gift, this heartwrwnching gift that tells you somehow, someway everthing you had once thought was life and death now seems to fade into a distant place inside your mind.

I want you to listen, and I mean really listen don't just read this blog, read the words and listen to them because if you realize to late you might not have to same opprotunities. Your family, the people who care so much about you, the people you love, the ones who are your constant in a life full of chaos are everything. They are everything and one day some will be gone and If you wait to realize this than you will have lost what makes them immortal in you. Because they're love is immortal and our memories are the closest thing we have to immortalility.


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