Just Some Poems I'd Like To Share

A Night Unlikly:
Night burns my eyes
as I try not to let my need for sleep consume me,
I am something people love and what parents seem to hate.
The shell of what I am is no longer;
what I strive to never be
As the horizon turns red,
streaks of white washed browns
Our blood mingled with the pain of this world
Independence acheived at the cost of innocent souls
Eternal resting places that suck our liberty away.
Hell on earth is what we have created,
acheivements made by pride and selfish reasons.
you are what you have done,
the sins that block a peaceful sleep
Will you begin a decent with a clouded mind of hate?
Will you look upon your ancestors with humility?
Are you capible of such a human emotion or have you lost all of your self control.

Generations To Forget:
I was a child when it started,
The nightmares I tried to fight off
The consant waking dreams where I escaped from a fate worse than death.

You were a man when you raised your hands
To praise? To ignore? Or to hurt.
You have that look, the one all of us dread
Tell me friend was it worth it in the end?
Did you find pleasure in the feelings you were proud to spread?

Like a disease I crawled,
Hands and knees scraped from the force of your hate
A hell in which I cannot escape
Torture you inflict; a deadly conflict when will it make sense?

You are what I hate, what I strive to overcome, what I am destined to be and what I have the power to change.

I use to know you so well,
gifts and worthless letters that never mattered
You black soul has been once again undiscovered
Sometimes I wonder if you had one left at all

Always waiting, watching for my next move
Will you let me continue my walk to hell or find me once again
I can only push my feet for so long
Before my will breaks as well

Something you might consider:
This skin I live in
Feels tight, restricted, and unbearable
I dwell with the shadows
Scars line my arms and shoulder blades
Am I enough for you now?
Now that I have been broken and bound.

Will I be accepted because I am different as well?
Colors and numbers swirl together as I try to fit in
I read under the cover of darkness
Clutching to the shadows so that I can read your works of art.

Can I stay?
Become who I was meant to be.

Am I too different for you?
Can you not see i'm hurtig too;
I want to escape, I want freedom from this hell
If I show you the scars you will see.
I tasted the whip; I endured the pain.
Can I be at rest once and for all

Will you see beyond the color of my skin?
Will you accept me for who I am?
Will you let the broken in?

A World Missing?:
This ache in my chest
Seems ever present without you
I want what songs often describe
Am I good enough to be loved the right way?

Millions of people on this earth, I only wish to have one
A man who could love me ever presistantly
Patiently, becuase my heart is hard to capture
Brick walls encase me, in this shell that which I am forced to dwell

Like a fiarytale; it seems to be
Though in reality, happily ever afters are hard to find
And even harder to hold on to
This life; a lover to hold, will it be worth it in the end

I hope I go first
To give a fragile heart only to have it broken again would destroy my soul
A blank face waiting for you to change the outcome of a picture in my head

Happiness seems to be the dreams I dream
Of a man with a broken past and pools of green for eyes
Soft touches I wish to feel
Gentle and patient is what I need

Scars that could match mine
Pain that could share in mine
Misery loves company
So I will wait; for the man in my dreams because I deserve the world just like ever other girl does.

O r i g i n a l s.


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