Today was spent doing the following:
watching Charmed. :)
eating sunflower seeds.
attempting to do at least some of my homework.
the last one didn't turn out too well. Unfortunately, but then again we all know I am a procrastinator don't we. I usually wait till two days before to do my homework, which I shouldn't do but yet seem to do it anyway. I don't know about any of you guys but I am not looking forward to next semester. I mean I am glad I don't have to go to school everyday and sit in those crowded classrooms, I do like my isolation, and pretend I am listening to a teacher babble on about something I already learnt or already finished. Not to mention the people, they all seem to have some sort of grudge against me like I killed their cat or something.

Anyway on to more exciting topics like how my new phone can in today. A LG chocolate, I have to say I am in love with it, except for the small fact that the battery is totally dead and wont let me do anything on it, but my father assures me that once he gets a new battery everything will be fine. It is black and slick, I can't stop sliding it up and down. :)

Now on to Charmed, I have a confession to my dear, dear fellow bloggers, I have almost every session of Buffy the Vampyre Slayer, Angel, and Charmed, yet even though I have seen almost every episode of Charmed I still record them everyday. DVR is a gift from god. I actually have a hard time watching anything on live TV now, the commercials were boring before man came out with his brilliant invention and now they are horrendous to deal with. So I stayed curled up in my moms King sized bed with my LG chocolate phone and watched four episodes of Angel, and about... well I lost count on how many Charmed episodes I watched today. But I will tell you this I started at one in the afternoon today and ended at twelve in the morning only because my dad wanted to sleep. :(

Tomorrow I might go to the library. :))) Which is really great because I haven't had books in like a week and if you knew me you would be shocked I had waited this long in the first place. Firstly when I returned my books I had forgot my library card which totally sucked and then the second time we were out I forgot all together. This time I am completely ready, I feel as if it is Christmas tomorrow. Though I am not sure what to do with my money yet, whether I should buy a new season of Buffy or just stuff for my room, to tell you the truth I am leaning towards my room, I need new sheets and pillow chases and also I need to figure out what I want my bed to look like now, decorating wise of course.

My doggie has an ear infection so we had to take him to the vet yesterday, hence the reason I did not write it took up half of my day. Anyway now he is doing fine and should be back to normal soon which is a huge relief because I don't know whether I could survive him dying. I would probably crack into a million pieces. Anyway I will talk to you later and tell you what books I got at the library though if you are like me and like the supernatural then there is a book called "The Demon's Lexicon" I just read it down in Long Beach and it was amazing, not Twilight or The house of night series amazing but still an awesome read.


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