christmasss is over. right?

You know normal families take down they're christmas trees the day after Christmas or at least after new years right?

Well ours is still up, looking quite pathetic if I do say so myself. It is droopy and sad looking, I think my parents waited extra long just so I could do all the taking down and what not. Though we really only have the tree as far as our decoration goes, but still don't you think it's a little unfair for me to take it down and carry it out when I was only home for a week while it was up.

Maybe it's teenager thinking and I am lazy but right now all I want to do is curl up on my bed with my big fluffy feather pillows, my comfy down comforter and go to bed maybe dream about a certain someone. Preferably for the whole day. I haven't slept all day and I woke up at like twelve p.m. yesterday. Yes I know it's not healthy. My dad tells me this all the time and when I say all the time I do mean all the time, everyday, maybe even twice a day.

One time he got me so scared I literally couldn't sleep for fear I wouldn't wake up. He said my body would shut down if I didn't get sleep, lovely thing to tell your daughter I know. Especially when her number one fear is death, don't ask me why it is it just is... and then heights... and the planes, yet I seem to recall telling my brother I was determined to learn snowboarding this year. He bought me white boots and everything. I didn't lie I want to learn very badly actually I just don't like the metal chairs that hang from fifty feet off the ground. I would be perfectly fine if they had an escalator that I could take all the way up the mountain but no they insist I get on these death traps with only a small metal bar keeping me from my intimate death.

Am I being over dramatic? I sure am. But have you ever been on one of those things, you have to fly by giant poles which can knock you right off the seat. On some chair lifts if your high enough up you could die. Yes die, I do remember that being... number three on my list of fears and what was the first one... oh yes heights. So this sport includes two of my three worst fears yet I am desperate to learn it anyway. If it included flying it would be my worst nightmare come true. Okay so I don't mind flying I actually love it, it's the people who like to strap bombs to themselves that scare the living daylights out of me one time I think I cried because I thought our plane was going to spontaneously blow up and the last time I checked I am not really to fond of fire either and bombs do include fire do they not. At least I don't have t worry about conquering that fear until a hundred days or so give or take a couple days.

I don't know about you but I am tired, I guess the lack of sleep all day today and then the lack of movies and money in Target really got me tired. I am going to bed and then hopefully I will wake up at five tonight and not have to take down the tree. : ) Yes I am a lazy procrastinator, so what I beat you a movie you are too.

I will write you tonight and remember comments and followers make me and my doggie, buddy happy. :) If I get ten comments and two followers by the end of this week I will put up pictures of my doggie and I smiling for you guys in my next blog. Alright then goodnight... or rather good morning.



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