Who am I?

Okay everyone so here are the details of today. I mentioned before that I went to a park today yes, well that was a rare thing for me. You see I like my isolation, whether it's healthy or not is beside the point. I realized today how much it is that I don't miss hanging out with friends or walking in the hot sun just to buy sunflower seeds and milkshakes from 'jackinthebox'. Don't misunderstand now, it's not like I stay locked away in my perfectly redecorated cave everyday only venturing out for dinner. No. I do go out, and as lame as it may sound to people or teenagers my age, I go out with my mom. We shop when we have money or we go to the library. This is how I chose to go out, it is how I like it. It may seem boring to some but something always seems to happen on our outings.

Like one time for instance we went out for coffee at our local 'its a grind', This was before Christmas and yet I still cannot get it out of my head, and as I was waiting for my mom to come back with our coffee's a man in his late sixty's early seventy's simply walked up to me and commented on my book while also stating the fact that teenagers now-a-days don't read nearly enough as they should. I was reading one of my favorite books, Pride and Prejudice, he said "the reason why so many people now-a-days are obese is because they spend all there time stowed away in front of that 'idiot tube' rather than taking a walk and reading." Now that sentence might not be his exact words because lets face it people I am very forgetful, but that is fairly how the sentence went and the 'idiot tube' was his own words.

The conversation flowed with ease, like I was talking to an old friend and catching up rather than a stranger who just walked up out of the blue and started talking. We talked about many different things like reincarnation, religion, old remedies, the ancient Greek, he told a story about a friend who could do something amazing, we talked about under-the-table products that are being shipped in the United States everyday, and how Europe has banned aluminum cans because they are toxic to us. I find, even now, myself wondering who this man was.

I had wished for the umpteenth time that I could draw because if I could I would draw him. His simplicity, the way he was so sure of himself but yet a certain sense of ease and humility seemed to waft around him. His eyes were literally filled with wisdom and honesty, before that day I thought that seeing emotions in eyes were just something authors wrote in books to be creative but eyes really do hold emotions. His outfit was simple and slightly worn, he wore a white button down shirt with cream long pant slacks that was fitting, he had on gray walking shoes, a green 'food-4-less' reusable bag, a straw hat with two small pins in it, and in his right hand pocket of his button down shirt was five pens. He had thinning gray hair and two different colored eyes. One blue, One green. He said his eyes changed color when the holy spirit was in him.

I found that during the whole conversation I had never once broken eye contact with this man, silently searching for something yet at the time I did not know what. Later that day while my mind was still mulling over the fact that this man had such an impact on me it hit me. I was searching for myself. I was searching to see if this man's wisdom filled green and blue eyes held the answer I have so desperately wanted for some time now. Who am I?


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