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Today was very exciting for me. My brother came down from the mountains and woke me up with my doggie, the my dad had the brilliant idea of taking my dog on the golf course of course like I knew it backfired and we ended up casing him down. Needless to say it was not fun and we ended up having to put him in the back of my brothers truck bed. I literally had to sit on him while we took him home. Why no one in this family listens to me I will never know.

Right now I am currently doing three things at once. Writing this blog, attempting to do my homework, that I have been putting off for about weeks now, and watching Fools Gold with my dad and brother. I redecorated my room and am still not satisfied with the outcome just yet. I moved my bed and pushed it up against the wall I think next I will move my computer desk towards my windows. Now I realize this probably makes no sense to you because you haven't seen my room but it makes perfect sense to me. Maybe one of these days I will find my camera and take a picture of my room for you guys.

I have come to the conclusion that I will buy movies with my money or maybe just save it for my trip back east... Okay so my conclusion isn't very rock solid but then again I change my mind almost everyday. Literally I really do. I was thinking about starting another blog and dedicating it to fashion because in all honesty I am so in love with fashion, I even sewed half of the stuff in my closet and on my bed. One of my favorite movies is The Devil Wears Prada. It is exactly what I want to be when I grow up... maybe. Anyway so I think I will start my new blog sometime in the next few days or something depending on what I have going on here.

The blog will be mostly photos from websites and deals. I will write what I am into and stuff like that. Alright well I am going to attempt my homework again seeing as how I have only two days left in my vacation and then I am back to school. Figuratively speaking of course, seeing as how I am technically home schooled. Leave me comments I promise to respond to everyone of them. :-)


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