Facial Works.

Today I started up with school again. I got a new book, history and I have a lot of homework to do. And when I say a lot I mean a lot, but it's okay because it's history and I absolutely love history. I am watching Annapolis right now and I am so buying it saturday. James Franco is so freaking hot. I only got to see the ending which totally sucks but whatever I am going to buy it anyway.

I was so bored before and am now still but that is beside the point. When I am bored I tend to pamper myself, with homemade facials, mani-pedi's and lotions. Either that or I sew, but seeing as how it is 1:02 in the morning and my parents are sleeping I can only sew by hand which is okay but a lot of work. So I went with facials and mani-pedi's, I love doing this stuff when I am bored and lets face it what girl doesn't like to be pampered every once and a while. The only thing bad about facial masks is waiting for it to dry, I personally love clay masks but I don't have any clay her so I am using one of my favorite masks. Corn flour. It leaves your face so soft it's amazing, like so amazing. I am telling you, you should try it. I just mix corn meal with flour because I don't have corn flour, but it still works.

Corn Flour Face Mask:
1 egg white
2 teaspoons corn flour

Egg White Face Mask:
2 egg whites
1 tablespoon plain yogurt

I love facial masks but I hate waiting for them to dry, they get itchy and all you can do is frown. I am going crazy right now, I always have to fight the urge to scratch it off. AHHHH. Fortunately for me it is almost time to wash it off and then it will be time to paint my toenails. : ) I know I haven't written a blog in a while and I am sorry, we have HBO if I haven't mentioned that before and I have been constantly watching movies. Not to mention my Charmed episodes. :D Oh and I found a great fun website that has been drawing my attention away from you. It's called Polyvore, I am in love with it. You should totally go check it out and if you want to check out my site. My username is annaabellefleurr. Yes there is a period don't forget to put it in hope you like my sets.

Alright well I am watching the Cosby Show now and it is finally time to take off this mask. I have been chanting 'it's for the best' and 'take the pain, it's for beauty' okay so there is no pain involved but it is pure torture not to scratch it off.


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