Hello there WalMart shopper,

You know I use to love to shop. I mean I would beg my mom for maybe hours at a time to take me shopping, now I find myself begging her to take me to the library. Today I had to return my library books, two late. Don't we all just love late fees. They are lovely.

It cost two dollars and fifty cents for my two books. Twenty-five cents a day for five days sure does add up. Now I know what you are all thinking...Typical fifteen year old girl lost a library book or she probably forgot the deadline because of some hot party. No. I went on vacation and took out books. Well when I renewed them via cell phone they told me two books were put on hold. Now I specifically remember telling them the day i checked them out that I was going on vacation for a month. Yes I know you take a gamble when you check out the books and there is nothing you can do when someone puts the book on hold. Except maybe key they're car, but that might be a little too extreme not to mention the flirting you'd have to do to get out of the ticket and god forbid it be a girl cop, in that case then you cross you fingers and hope she swings the other way.

Just kidding, that is bad. I am being completely serious, to all those teenagers like me who have no life and have to turn to they're new mac laptop for entertainment do not do that. 99.99 percent of the time it does not work and I don't care what Hannah Montana says don't risk being thrown in jail just because she says you can be the next one in a million. We all know she is really both of them, I see her take off her wig.

Anyway after I paid my dues at the library I decided to spend the wad of money that was burning a hole right through my already ripped jeans. So what better place to spend some forty-seven dollars than at the cheapest place on earth. Target. Oh I do love Target but today I saw a feather mattress pad for eighty dollars, I repeat eighty dollars. Now I love feather pillows and if I am being honest I never even knew they made mattress pads with feathers. I instantly hated my mom passionately for telling me it was better to leave some money at home. 'You will want it later to spend' Please, there was only one left and it will be gone later. Lovely.

Then to make matters worse when I got to Walmart the second happiest place on earth, next to the doctors office :), they didn't have the DVD I wanted. Lets just say I was a little peeved by the time we had finally got home. I mean come on who takes out Buffy The Vampyre Slayer, what kind of wackjob do they have working there. I may not be too business savvy but I am pretty sure companies like to make money. They have twilight why not Buffy, everybody knows Buffy and Angel are the best vampyre couple. I mean Buffy has super strength what does Bella have. Magically singing blood that makes her vampire boy friend want to eat her more than any human alive. Oh yes now I see why they took out Buffy who wants super strength when you could torturously tasty blood. Raise your hand if you'd rather have super strength. That's what I thought. I will say that Rob is hot, no one can deny that, but James Franco and Chriss Angel pull off the dirty-wash-me-bad-boy thing much better. Rob...well he does the morbid-disturbed-dangerously-dark-and-handsome so much more than Chriss Angel.

Raise your hand if you liked James Franco in 'James Dean'. Comment and tell me, they make my doggie smile and he has such a cute smile.


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