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Playing in the Leaves! Pictures, Images and Photos
photo by: jodwurz.

This photo is amazing, it shows simplicity, life, and innocence. Does everyone remember fall? When our mothers, or grandparents use to rake their lawn of all they're fallen brown leaves, when we the children use to jump in the big piles. How much fun it was, how the simplest things appeased us so easily. I fell in love with this photo the first time I saw it because I remember those times. I miss those times. I don't ever want to forget. And yet I find that I had, I had pushed it aside not really forgetting it but not paying attention to the small things. It seems we do that a lot don't we. We push the things, the little things that used to appease us aside to focus on the big things that don't seem to have the same effect that the little things did when we were younger, when we had our innocence.

Do you remember staying up late on Christmas eve, to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus? Do you remember baking cookies with your grandmother or playing dress up? Do you remember the little things in life. Those little things, those pictures in your photo albums they are what make this world beautiful. Now let me ask you something else... Are those photo albums collecting dust on your book shelves? Most likely they are because that is where mine is, and my mothers. We forgot what the little things are, we pushed them aside and in doing so we pushed aside our soul. You can't tell me that you don't miss it, the joy and the simplicity of everything, how everything was still black and white in our eyes. How everything was simply and easy. You can't tell me that when you think back on these memories you wont smile, because you miss them. I miss them, and I want them back.

I hope when you read this blog the effect of the picture hits you like it hit me. I hope you read this and the memories come back. I hope once you read this you dig out your photo album and you flip through the pages to make yourself remember how easy life use to be. I hope you find your way back to that simplicity, because if you wait to long those memories that you spent your life pushing aside might just fade away and then you wont remember what it is that makes this world beautiful, you wont smile at the little things and you wont appreciate what is in front of you now.

With Love Anna.


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