Pirouette is Bliss.

Alrighty well welcome everyone who has taken the time out of they're days to read this rather pointless but exciting blog. :)

As you know I collect movies, I am completely serious. I love, love, love movies!! My father says it is a waste of money, but I think that is an insult to the film industry. I do not have many because every time I go to the store I either one: have no money. or two: have no money. If I have money I buy either of the four things listed below:
1.) Movies.
2.)Big coffee mugs, that seem to be nonexistent here in my little desert town of Moreno Valley.
3.) Comforters, feather pillows, big fluffy pillows, soft blankets, sheets.
4.)Pirouette cream filled wafers. yumm.

I don't know about you but Pirouette is the best thing god ever made, except for of course Atlas and the ruins of Babylon and Antayla and the Colossseum in Rome and...well there are a lot, I could go on for days and days. Like I have mentioned before I am in love with history. All history.

One of my favorite movies is National Treasure and My Life In Ruins. I watched both yesterday though Harry Potter was not at it's best, I felt almost jipped. I mean there was no big fight nothing really exciting you know. It was still a great movie it just seemed as if they didn't finish it all the way you know.

Today I have a conflict. I have money given by my wonderful grandparents, eighty dollars to be exact but I can't seem to determine what to get... I could always go with movies, they are fun. Or a new comforter and pillows and sheets, I am getting tired of red silk. Or I could get Big mugs... okay if they had them I would so get them no questions asked but they don't. I see them in movies I just can't find them in stores. :|

Anyway my friend wants me to go up to a park nearby and we do aim to please. So see you later my fellow bloggers. And remember ten comments and two followers earn you lots of pictures with my smiling doggie. :DD


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