Contrary To What Those Doctors Say:

I was so sure that I had thought this through
without the velour of distraught 
the solo thing I forgot,
teenagers are chasers, we do not think

So when you asked, I said I do
the thing about that, is  I'd meant to say
sorry hun, but I must take leave
because you see
I've always had a slight problem
with the authorities

Cagey thoughts rushing through my head
I must flee the country
imaginary scenarios trifled me
Oh no! I could never ask that of you.
his answer: I wish to come my love.
and with anguish flooded bloodstreams, I left

Somewhere in the middle of the night
I wrote a note
Don't worry yourself, on my account lord
I’m sorry but you see kind sir
I never thought this thoroughly through 
However please do,
Continue on with your life as it is calling you to

So on and so forth, etc and to be continued
I wont bore you with any further details
I’ll leave it to fate, 
shrug my shoulders; carry on
If we meet again
I’ll know then I had made the right choice

If you love them let them go
Is that what they say?
Well its bullshit, contrary to disbeliefs
Your smile still makes
My knees weak

Your voice, velvet rich
makes my heart sing
your touch, it electrifies me
your face ever constantly
denies me stitch of sleep


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