Never Falter, Never Freight

Escapes only last
For so long,
And your fairytales
Will always disappear
Into thin air,
My heart breaks.
At the simplest touch,
And into the sky
I let my dreams fly.

Let me be
I wish for freedom
For a dream,
Reality bores me
More and more each day
Lately it seems
I am slipping
Away into the sunlight
Or are these just
Uncalled daydreams
And into the night
I let my soul breathe.

You said once
To me, never falter
Live brightly
Sing loudly
Laugh much in life
Never falter

You said once
To me, darling
I’m here don’t worry
Don’t freight
I won’t leave
To where would I go?
My heart? Sweetie, no
Why it lies here
Within you, so please darling
Don’t freight

Escapes last, until they don’t
Memories fade, until they’re new again
And you’re here, until your not


  1. Love your writing! Thank you for coming by my blog I had to come I love reading poetry. You are an awesome writer. I will look forward to reading many more or your poems and prose.

    1. Aw thank you, I am so glad you took the time to stop by

  2. Your words are so stirring and lovely. Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem.

    1. I humbly thank you, no one has yet to say that my words are stirring and that me quite a bit to me. I am glad you enjoy my writing.


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