Knights to Guard Meaningless Artifacts:

I hold on to Meaningless artifacts
Did you know that?
I always think someone will want it.
I never think; wouldn't someone have to care
That I’m here.

I stay locked away from society
From the familiarity
Like its just another drop of acid
To force into my black lungs

I hide because I am of all of it
Then he came along
And he makes me feel
He makes me into this stupid cliché
And I can't seem to care

Because my biggest secret
My unholy confusion
Is that he makes me smile
And that’s just fine.

He makes me want a
Knight in shinning armor
If it were him to save me
From my purgatory

I guess it wouldn't be too bad.
I guess I could handle that.


  1. Lovely prose. Deep and intimate and well said. "I guess I could handle it" is the perfect last line.

    1. Thank you for your support I am so humbled that you enjoyed the prose.


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