Darling, Darling:

Everything I want to say
Words, feelings my inner workings
Play mind games
Running loosing along my lips

Today everything will be okay
I reassure myself clearly
Static electricity
Running volts through my veins

Yesterday you said you were sorry
Couldn’t handle my mood swings
You spoke so slowly
Running knives across my chest

Soft blades of self-decay
Slip along through the waters edge

Two days from now
I will be just perfectly fine
Have another guy
Wrapped around my waist line

Just the make you jealous, baby
Bolts of lightning turn sand to crystal
Light the flame watch it grow
Stand back; we’ll hold our breath

Running blades across my wrist

Two years down the road
From now–you might see
My mood swings kept you on your feet
Running adrenaline straight to your mind

Darling, darling
You should have just pretended
For where would you be?
Without me to give you, that shove out the door.


  1. Visiting from A-Z and wondering did you pre-write these or are you writing them as you go?
    Good luck with the rest of the challenge.


    1. Some are prewritten, as this one wast but the previous one before it was written on spot The latest, one I just posted now, for an example was written on spot because I forgot to post one earlier.


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