Questions Kept Minds Up Till Dusk:

If I told a lie
Would you hold your head towards the sun
Pretend I wasn't there?

If I said only what I meant
Would you fall to grace?
Deny it ever happened in the first place?

If this world ran on peace
Would we be slaves?
Would we be prosecuted?

If I told you I was dying
Would you visit my corpse?
Would you cry for months, minutes or a lifetime?

What if I told you that I have lived in a delusion,
For so long that I cant find my way out again?

What if I lied?
What if I am sick?
What if they didn't want to know?
What would my world be then?
What if what I needed scared me most of all?
What if I couldn't get better?
What if I am too far-gone?

Would you let my mind crumble?
Would you be okay with daughter in decay?
Would I remember I was your daughter in the end?


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