Too Forward of an Introvert:

I have been told to relax
That word;
Seems to echo throughout my head
More often than I would like it to
I want to be like everyone else,
So bad it causes a physical ache

I am sorry if I am too forward
If I am depressing you too,
Would you rather I keep it in;
Simply keep it all in
I could you know,

But would I be me?
Would that matter the same?
Would you love me the same?

I can no longer smile and be polite
I am quite and reversed,
I prefer to think; not talk
I am an introvert, I cannot change

This is what I have become
Whether that be a shell of what I once was
Some reason prevents me
From finding a way back again
Big words hide the unexplained meanings in my life

Joys do come
And I will be waiting for when it does
I believe in love,
More than you know
It is trust that always seem to
Escape my grasp, so to speak.

Will someone help me find my way back?
Or do I even want that person back?
Can you help?
I didn't think so either.
But that’s alright, for now
I’m perfectly fine.

It’s the people around me
That feel I need to smile.


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