Grief is cold
slick like black ice
awaiting one misstep
greedy like the Devil’s sons

and yet grief cuts
smooth like steal blades
leaves your skin burning
from the inside out

your heart beats
still and steady, yet everyday
breathing becomes a chore
much to hard to want to do anymore

Grief is the shadows that lurk
behind you, following carefully, hunting you
endlessly it ignites such a fear.


  1. Stopped by for the A-Z challenge. Really love the photography page. Do you only write poetry or do you do the occasional short story?

    1. I would post the occasional short story if people wanted it, I have them on my computer I am just not sure if anyone would care about them. Or how to seperate them from my poems...

  2. you take such beautiful pictures. i love the poem too. so poignant.

    Great A-Z post!

    1. Thank you so much. When I first started writing poetry I was probably thirteen or so and I turned one into my English teacher who said no one would ever like them because they held too much emotion. I never understood that, how does one dull emotion?

  3. Beautiful! Very well done!

    Good to find your blog! :)

    1. Thank you, I am glad you liked it, and so glad you stopped by than took the time to post a comment.


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