I'm I a sinner; a product of love
Scars of mutilation
Is it a crime?
Should I be more worried?

I'm I a loser, selfishly devoted to fictional acts
Lack of conversation
Is this existence?
Should I bother to change?

Will God care?
Will I draft towards hell
Is there a way to smell the roses without the blood of being cut?
Should I take notice more often?

Is it too late?

I watch a child crossing
Hand clutching her mothers
Skipping along

Tugging her mother’s sleeve
As she falls behind
Further away from my line of vision they go

Perfect substitution
Perfection buried within innocence
Hidden beneath sin

Bred to confusion
Molded new, different
Filled with inspiration

Wait till she grows older.
Should I be more worried?
Is it too late?


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