Oh what I’d give;
to feel a pinch of anything,
something to keep my head straight.

Oh how cruel to bait me so;
the numb it weighs,
tight in my chest.

I can’t breathe.
For shame!
I need faith.

Lord grant me serenity;
my memories are far to brutal to bare,
strike out my curiosity.

Show mercy.


  1. wow, powerful poem, full of emotion.

    1. You know what, thank you, thank you very much. I was once critiqued that emotion in poems are not sought after, and told that if I didn't cut out my emotion than my poems would never be published. And I tried, I sat at my desk while rained and then hailed and wrote nothing. When I did write the emotion seeped out of the ink like lava. I have tried to change words around to dull them but the poem becomes boorish.
      I never knew how extremely hard it was to write poetry until I tried to write them detached.

  2. I came to comment about this little poem packing a powerful punch and then saw your reply to Lynda. I have to wonder if this person who told you that knew what the heck s/he was talking about. Granted I know nothing substantial about poetry, but I always kind of thought emotion was part of the point of writing poetry. I say write what makes you happy!

    1. Thank you, it really means everything to me to hear feedback and comments in general. But it is people like you, who I write for. Writers don't write because it is a job, but like actors act of singer sing, writer write because there isn't anything else they'd rather do.


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